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Climbing Holds

Shahogen Climbing is the home of the best sandstone climbing holds on the web. Not only are we one of the few sandstone climbing holds providers around but we are also one of the only ones whose service is of a superior quality.

Climbing outdoors on real rock offers the best experience but we understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to find real rocks to climb or one may not have the time to drive out to where the real rocks are, so thankfully there are other options. Rock climbing has never been easier indoors or outdoors. We make your life simpler and are here to help you scale and climb to the highest heights. Our sandstone climbing holds can be used to mount on both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. We test all our climbing holds and make sure that they’re safe enough for all use in and out of doors.

Climbing Facility

If you are thinking of opening a climbing facility then we are just the people to help you on your endeavor. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a climbing wall or it’s a boundary wall, we have just the climbing holds for you suitable for all climbers. Our sandstone climbing holds will bring you closer to that real outdoors in the wild rock climbing experience that you may desire. We know just how important it is in such cases to have holds that look and feel like the real deal. We can help climbers of all ages in any stage of their climbing journey, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, an amateur or an old pro in the game, we are sure to find something that you will be happy with.

Excellence is our hallmark and all our climbing holds are made from only the purest sandstone rock. We have sold our holds to thousands of customers over the last nine years having been established in 2006 winning the trust and confidence of rock climbers across the country. This is because of the superior quality of the material we use to make all of our climbing holds.

We are one of a handful of professionals who offer a lifetime warranty for their climbing holds should they ever break at any time in your life. We take your safety seriously and always test our climbing holds regularly to make sure that they are as safe as they can possibly be. In the event that you have broken a hold we are more than happy to replace it. Simply let us know and we will be sure to send you a replacement.

There are many holds made of different non-rock materials on the market, but we have not found any which can rival the feel and texture of climbing using real rock.

If ever you need help with anything or you have any enquiries feel free to let us know. Our team is made up of incredible rock climbers who have considerable amounts of experience climbing on different surfaces.

Sandstone Climbing Holds

Our Climbing Holds are made out of pure sandstone rock. They’re super durable and last for many years. Sandstone has a perfect texture for a climbing hold. Nothing feels better on the skin or has a better feel.

Lifetime Warranty

We have a standard lifetime warranty policy here at Shahogen Climbing If you ever break a hold, simply let us know and we’ll send you a replacement absolutely free.

Hundreds Of Happy Customers

Since 2006 we have been selling rock climbing holds. There are hundreds of happy clients that love their holds. Whether your building a small gym at your house or want holds for a climbing gym, we can help.

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What others say about us

Tyson Clive

There climbing holds rock! Literally.

Tyson Clive
Matt Everson

My son loves the climbing holds! They look so good. I had to try them out myself and I was very impressed with how sturdy they felt for being sandstone!

Matt Everson
Mitt Jensen

I will be ordering again!

Mitt Jensen
Jake Steene

These are the most affordable holds I have ever purchased. And I love them! Thank you again!

Jake Steene