Climbing Wall Holds :How to fix Holds on Wall for kids climbing at Home?

Climbing Wall Holds :How to fix Holds on Wall for kids climbing at Home?

To climb a wall, Climbing Wall Holds are designed in such a way so that climbers can grab them and can climb the wall with the help of it. Sometimes, some professional route setters arrange these holds in a peculiar pathway which is known as routes. By attaching holes of unparalleled shapes and sizes, climbers are provided with different stages of challenges.

Methods to Fix Climbing Holds:

There are a lot of different methods to fix climbing holds on a wall that is via:

climbing wall holds
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  • Hex-head bolts
  • T-nuts
  • Small screws.

While in extreme cases one may use concrete anchors.

Climbing Wall Holds:

An artificially designed wall, that may be sometimes indoor and sometimes outdoor located, climbing holds are used in these walls to provide grip to the climber. In usual cases, these walls are made up of bricks or wood, but for modern walls, a thick material (multiplex board) is used and it contained drilled holes in it.

Types of Climbing Holds:

Talking about types of holds, there are a bunch of them. Let us have a look at the list of the climbing holds types:

  • Footholds
  • Handholds
  • Jugs
  • Mini Jugs
  • Slopers
  • Pockets
  • Pinches
  • Crimps

Now we are going to have a thorough look at all these types.

  1. Footholds:

Any hold through which you can step on it is referred to a foothold. Footholds are usually very small in size and comprise of a bunch of shapes, its size is that much small that it can only provide enough space to place one’s toe. Some of the other names of footholds are as under:

  • Foot chips
  • Foot sites
  • Jibs
  • Nubbins
  • Edges
  • Nibs
  1. Handhelds:

Such holds that can be grabbed by hands are referred to as handholds. While climbing a wall, the most of the holds are among handholds and one can easily hold them by hands and even stepped on through them.

  1. Jugs:

In the world of climbing this type of holds that are “jugs” is derived from a term “jug-handle” and comprise two meanings. One of them is based on the size of the jugs and the other meaning is referred to as positivity hold.

  1. Mini-jugs:

The positive holds but smaller enough than usual jugs are referred to as mini-jugs holds. Usually, they are designed in such a way that they can be grabbed with one hand at a time.

  1. Crimps:

These type of holds are normally small in size with positive edges but are that much deep that the fingertips can be easily fitted into it.

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