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Shahogen Climbing is the home of the best sandstone climbing holds on the web. Not only are we one of the few sandstone climbing holds providers around but we are also one of the only ones whose service is of a superior quality.

Climbing outdoors on real rock offers the best experience but we understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to find real rocks to climb or one may not have the time to drive out to where the real rocks are, so thankfully there are other options. Rock climbing has never been easier indoors or outdoors. We make your life simpler and are here to help you scale and climb to the highest heights. Our sandstone climbing holds can be used to mount on both indoor and outdoor climbing walls. We test all our climbing holds and make sure that they’re safe enough for all use in and out of doors.





We review climbing holds so you know what to buy. We’re brutally honest and now some people won’t send us holds to review.But We are loyal to our customers.







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