Top 5 Most Dangerous Mountains for Rock Climbing

Top 5 Most Dangerous Mountains for Rock Climbing

Although rock climbing accidents can happen even on small gentle hillsides, there are a number of rock climbing destinations worldwide that are known for being dangerous. Climbers looking for a real challenge are drawn to these destinations year after year, despite or perhaps because of these dangers. Read on to learn about the nine most dangerous rock climbs in the world.

1. El Capitan

Standing more the 3,000 feet tall, the sheer vertical cliff face of El Capitan is without a doubt the most challenging rock climb in the world. Even the most experienced climbers using ropes and pitons take four or five days to reach the top, and they have to sleep in hammocks hung from pitons in the cliff face. Those looking for the ultimate challenge ascend the cliff with nothing more than their hands and feet.

El Capitan

climbing holds

2. K2

The second highest mountain in the world, K2, is considered to be the most challenging climb. Steep sections of rock face are interwoven with seracs, or ice pillars, which are prone to collapse without warning. Legend has it that the mountain is cursed for women climbers.



3. Annapurna

This Tibetan mountain is the tenth highest mountain in the world. Only about 150 people have ever tried to climb it, and of these 53 have died in the attempt. This fatality rate is the highest in the world.


4. Siula Grande

This Andean mountain’s west face is a sheer vertical ascent, and it was not conquered until 1985, in one of the most thrilling rock climbing stories ever. Simpson and Yates, after reaching the summit via the western face, met with disaster on the way back down when Simpson fell and broke his leg. While Yates tried to help him down with a rope, he lost Simpson over a cliff. Five days later, as Yates was preparing to return home, Simpson hopped into camp on one leg, having survived the 100-foot fall and lived on melted snow.

Siula Grande

5. Kangchenjunga

Straddling the border between India and Nepal, this mountain is known for its incredible views. The bitterly cold weather and unpredictable avalanches make this one of the most dangerous rock climbs in the world.





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