China Post Small Packet Plus Parcel Shipment Tracking

Track the China Post parcel by the shipping code can be in the tracker. Add China Post shipping codes to your personal list and get up-to-date information on moving your packages.

china post tracking¬† China’s state postal service that provides international mail delivery and internal correspondence for individuals and corporations. It also provides express mail services and EMS item delivery. The rates for delivering EMS China Post items will be higher, but this is justified by the fast delivery speed.

There are two types of general prohibitions and restrictions that are characteristic of all postal services: by weight, size and content. The China Post official website has all the information you need. The types of shipments available, as well as any restrictions on the shipment of goods also depend on the recipient’s country.

China Post Small Packet Plus is an economical way of delivery, represented by the national post of China. The service is popular on the trading platforms of the Celestial Empire, offering goods to different countries. Orders with free delivery are sent, which are in themselves inexpensive and small in size.

Small packages exported with this method have an eleven-digit numeric code which is not always traceable, it is more likely only up to the border with China. The average delivery time varies from 20 to 60 days. Sometimes the shipping time can take 15 to 90 days.

Most of the packages sent by China Post Small Packet Plus mail arrive at the recipient. If your package does not fall into your hands within the specified terms of protection, you must contact the seller and open a refund dispute.

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Goods sent by this service are often sent directly to the mailbox, or if the size does not allow it, the package must be picked up from the local post office. The advantages of China Post Small Packet Plus are the minimum prices for the transfer of goods to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, actually around the world and in acceptable delivery times.

China Post Track Number Types

Shipments are available in two categories and the main criterion for separation is the weight of the shipment: up to 2 kg – small packages, over – packages. China postage up to 2kg can be tracked, and the fastest parcel and EMS shipping China Post shipments always record and give them the tracking number.

The international postal identifier consists of an alphanumeric series:

  • RA123456785CN – for China registered small packages up to 2 kg, the first letter is always R, from the word Registered;
  • CD123456785CN – a China Post parcel tracking number up to 20kg always starts with the letter C;
  • EE123456785CN – EMS express delivery begins with the letter E.

The first letter R indicates that the small package is registered, for the package, it will be the letter C, EMS mail begins with Latin E. The numbers guarantee the uniqueness of the number. But the last letters determine the country of the postal service, from where the package is sent.

China Post shipment tracking

In order not to worry about your China shipment and roughly understand where it is currently, you can track the package on the Postal Ninja website with the translation of all tracking states.

According to the status “Acceptance of departure”, the recipient can verify that it has been sent. Then the China Post parcels arrive at the sorting center for processing, where they are distributed and sent to the international mail exchange point. China Post shipments are cleared through customs and delivered to the designated postal operator in the recipient’s country. This is indicated by the status of the “export” monitor. And after the import, about the same route already goes to the recipient’s country. The latest tracking status notifies you of the delivery of the package.