A Quick Checklist to Plan Your Next Trekking Trip

A Quick Checklist to Plan Your Next Trekking Trip

Trekking and hiking are some of the most popular forms of travel. But whether it is your first trip or a hundredth, you are bound to forget one thing or another. Or you might not take some essential item thinking you will get it in the wild, only to be disappointed. It happens because we are used to some form of comfort, and even in the wild, we need this stuff.

If you have been trekking for most of your life, you would be pretty experienced in packing and preparing yourself for your next hike. But if you are new at this, and have always gone with someone who has trekked a lot, and this time you are going alone, you need to learn a lot of things. There are numerous articles on the internet which has different opinions about what to pack and what not to pack while going on a trekking trip.

And none of them are wrong, because what gear you carry, what essential items you carry, and so on depends on your needs and the place you are going. Still, reading them can help you realize that you might need these things. I also recommend that you should make a checklist of the important thing so that you don’t forget to take them with you.

That is why in this article, we will talk about some essential items that you must carry on your trekking trip.

Let’s begin.

1.   Checklist for equipment

One of the most important things you need while trekking is equipment, you cannot survive without proper gear. So, here is our list of equipment’ that you must carry with you:

Boots: Find the boots that feel comfortable to you and carry them. You have to walk a lot and cover higher ground. So, you need boots which let you walk and are water-proof and sturdy too.

Rucksack: Buy a big rucksack instead of carrying a full small bag. Keep important things in the rucksack like water or some munching items and so on.

Gaiters: You need those wet jungles and snow-clad areas.

Sandals: For camp and river

Sleeping bag: Find a bag that is light to carry and has enough room for you.

Sheet liner: A liner makes it easy to keep your sleeping bed clean. Take a cotton liner sheet with you.

 2.   Food and drinks

You cannot survive without water and food, so carry them in ample amounts. You cannot think that you will these items there as per your need, so carry them in good quantity.

Water: Carry a water bottle that is sturdy and doesn’t break easily. Keep sipping water often so that you don’t get dehydrated. Refill the water whenever you find a good source for the same. Don’t carry plastic bottles you are going into the wild, so keep the environment clean.

Food: You can find someplace to eat a proper meal once you rest your destination. But while hiking, you need energy and for that, you need to take nutritious and tasty snacks like dry fruits, fruits, energy bars, or chocolates. They are easy to carry, and you can munch them while hiking.

3.   Clothing

Take layers of clothing with you and be prepared for both extremely hot weather and dry, windy, and cold weather. While trekking wears comfortable trekking pants or skirts for women. Make sure your inner wears are made of wicking materials so that it takes the sweat away easily.

Also, have waterproof, wind-proof, and breathable out covering for yourself.

4.   First-aid kit

It is important to carry a few basic medicines with you like Ibuprofen and so on. Also, carry antiseptic creams, band-aids, creams for blisters, and mosquito bites, bandages for knees, and so on. If you have some specific medication going on, keep them in your backpack first.

5.   Flashlight

Carrying a flashlight or torchlight is important as it can help you find your way or look for stuff in the dark. Keep extra batteries with you in case, the batteries inside the light dies on you.

 6.   Swiss knife 

A Swiss knife is a magical tool; it has so many layers to it and can help you in various situations while hiking.

7.   Things to protect yourself from sunburns

People don’t usually forget their basic creams and lotions. But they do forget to carry their sunscreens. So, pack sunscreen, lip balm, and sunblock first in your toiletry bag.

So, pack your glasses and sunglasses as they are important to protect your eyes from UV rays. 

8.   Get a cap or a hat

If you trek or hike often, getting a cap or hat is a good idea. It can save your head and face from getting exposed to direct sunlight. Sometimes, sunburn can be dangerous for you, so take precautions.

This is our list but if we are missing something, tell us in the comments below. Enjoy your trip in the wild!