6 Best Backpacking Chairs of 2019—Field Tested & Reviewed

6 Best Backpacking Chairs of 2019—Field Tested & Reviewed

Having a backpacking chair in your hike can be really handy. You can simply take it out
whenever you decide to take a break and relax on it. There can be creepy crawlies in a forest if you are going deeper in your hike. In such a scenario, an ultralight camp chair can come in really handy.

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The six backpacking chairs of 2019 that you can consider buying before your next hike are listed below!
1. Chair Zero By Helinox
2. Flexlite Chair by REI Co-op
3. Elite Monarch
4. Chair One By Helinox
5. Chair One XL by Helinox
6. Crazy Creek Hex 2.0

These are some of the best backpacking chairs that you will find in the market. They have all the qualities that a good backpacking chair must have in them. If you are thinking about the points to consider before buying the best backpacking chair, then you have come to the right place.Here are some essential tips that will help you choose the best camping chair!

1. Easy To Carry
When you are looking to buy backpacking chairs, you must look for something that would be easy to carry. It should be portable. The ones that can fold up and become very small can be a good option because then you will not have a separate thing to carry. You can just fit the chair with your backpack. Something with Shahogen climbing holds would be perfect!

2. Lightweight Remember, you are going on a backpacking trip, so you need to travel light. After all, there will be no porters for you. So, it is better for you to choose a chair that is lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, it is an essential consideration when you are choosing your backpacking chair.

3. Easy To Setup Setting up your backpacking chair should be easy. You don’t want to carry a chair through your hike and then take hours to set it up when you finally decide to take a break. Therefore, you must try setting up the chair before buying it. You must know precisely how much time it would take to set up your chair before you decide to buy it.
4. Comfortable to sit The comfort of the chair when you sit on it is also vital. Therefore, you must try it on before buying it. The chair should not be too light or small that you don’t even fit in it properly. Hence, to successfully buy the perfect chair, sit on it several times so that you don’t make a mistake of purchasing an uncomfortable chair. Sometimes, small and lightweight chairs look tempting, but they can also be too uncomfortable. So, think before you buy it!

Final Words
It is evident that a backpacking chair can be a great asset on your backpacking trip. After a long day of hiking, if you get a comfortable chair, there is nothing like it!

So, if you are considering buying a chair before your next hike, keep these suggestions in mind. Alternatively, you can also choose from the top 6 chairs that are mentioned above. However, do test them against the checklist given here so that you buy the best.
But if you are into doing things yourself, you can even try out the DIY backpacking chair as well.
You can design it as per your requirement and then carry it with you. Many backpackers are doing it now and those chairs not just look funky but also very comfortable. So, you also have an option to try that out if you don’t want to spend money on a new backpacking chair yet!

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