Useful Apps to Identify Edible Mushrooms

Camping is my passion. I work in the city and spend most of my time in the corporate world. While I cannot complain about my income, the urban environment can feel a bit suffocating. This is why I always try and spend as much of my free time as possible in the great outdoors. Forget about the currently fashionable “glamping” and give me the real deal. I love to test my survival skills and really become one with nature. Still, for someone who was raised away from the wild, it is not always easy.

Learn about mushrooms if you’re a total beginner

If you really want to push your camping skills to their very limit, you will try to find and make your own food. At least that’s what I always do. Mushrooms are known as a particularly nutritious option readily available in nature. They can, however, also be extremely dangerous. While some are a perfect delicacy, others are a proper deathtrap. Certain species can be so poisonous as to knock down an adult human after a mere bite. This is why it is of paramount importance that you should learn as much as you possibly can about all the mushrooms likely to be present in your area. If you almost always go camping in your own state – as I do – you shouldn’t have too much trouble memorizing the problematic species as well as the most nutritious ones.

Know how to act in case of an emergency

Accidents can and do occur. A true adventurer will face this risk with courage but will also make sure that said risk is diminished to an absolute minimum. There is no point in jumping into dangerous situations just for fun. Any responsible adult should do their best to protect themselves and any camping buddies they may have about. Relying on mushrooms for food can, as I have already mentioned, lead to some rather unpleasant consequences. Making an effort to learn more about first aid could be a great way to be of use in such circumstances. Knowing how to call for assistance when you’re away from civilization is just as important. It could help you save a life.

Identify individual plants with specialized software

Of course, it is not my intention to make everything sound quite as grim. Camping is, for the most part, immensely fun and a rather harmless pastime. We do, after all, have it a lot easier than our ancestors did. For example – instead of relying on a mental database of different mushroom species present in the area, you can simply point your camera and take a picture. The software will do the rest and identify the species for you. I know it might sound a bit surreal to some but, with these apps, I have managed to make quite a few delicious mushroom dishes in the wild without ever jeopardizing my health.

Helpful Apps for Identifying Wild Mushrooms

Remember, whenever you set out on an adventure, a good deal of caution is always in order. The more you know, the better you will be able to take care of your safety.


I am a great fan of camping and always go all the way. No proper adventure in the woods is complete without testing your survival skills. Finding your own food is a great way to do this but mushrooms can be a tricky subject. Learning more about them is important, as is knowing first aid in case of an emergency. Luckily, today, we also have an option to use smartphone apps to tell the difference between edible and poisonous species. This little convenience of the modern age is a great way to spice up your adventure but still rely on your skills to make it in the wild.