Is Chinese martial arts a killing skill or a bluffing skill

Ancient martial arts. He is proficient in all kinds of martial arts. Eighteen kinds of martial arts: “wuzazu”: “eighteen kinds of martial arts: one bow, two nuns, three guns, four swords, five swords, six spears, seven shields, eight axes, nine Yue, ten halberds, eleven whip, twelve maces, thirteen Lao, fourteen Fu, fifteen fork, sixteen heads, seventeen lanyard Lasso, eighteen Baida. Among them, the current routine or Sanda is the last in the 18 kinds of martial arts, that is, free fighting.

Mr. Yang Hua said with a smile that Zhang Genxue is known as a master of Sanda and Li Lianjie is ten seconds old. If it’s a fight, it’s possible. But really fight with life, without equipment. Even if Li Lianjie is merciful and doesn’t hurt his life, he’s afraid that his parents won’t know him. It is clear at a glance who is higher and who is lower.

Influenced by Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, most people think that routine practice is martial arts. In fact, the great fallacy. The traditional Chinese martial arts have the theory of “South boxing, North legs, inside and outside”. But it is more about the practice of instruments. What is a weapon is a cold weapon.

Even in Jin Yong’s novels, it doesn’t mean that the 18 palms of dragon subduing iron will definitely win the dog beating stick technique. Dugu Jiujian is better than many other martial arts. Why don’t you have a big sword and a big gun? However, it’s necessary for the plot. You can’t let the great Xia carry dozens or even hundreds of kilograms of weapons every day to find people around the world.

Among the weapons, there are those who pay attention to talent. Power is king. Therefore, those with great strength should use heavy weapons, either heavy or clumsy or strong. Unless you’re quick and dodge in time, you’re done with one touch. Not to mention Li Yuanba and other entertainers, I used to know a teacher father in the countryside, who danced a big iron gun with a weight of more than 40 Jin. It was as fast as lightning. Direction force, control and in place. Can point to that end, can also point to the brick on the broken wine bottle and the bottle does not pour.

There are also suitable for ordinary people to practice. It’s like a flower knife and a flower gun. It’s smart and quick. It’s mainly a fast word. Now, that’s almost what the knife and gun in the routine means. You can’t see anyone, you can only see the shadow. Why is Luo Cheng so good in acting? It’s a quick word. So martial arts proverb: only fast.

Is it really unbreakable? Otherwise. There’s also a long-range strike. So the crossbow is the second one in the 18 kinds of martial arts, and the bow is the first one. Don’t look down on the shooting area of tens of steps, hundreds of meters. No matter how hard you work, this distance can’t be crossed directly by human power. Ten seconds is enough for a quick archer to shoot more than ten arrows. Although I don’t want to shoot you into a hedgehog, my life is at least half gone. Think about it. You’ve got a dozen bars in your body. What’s your strength.

Of course, the development of martial arts to this almost legal hot weapon Chinese and Japanese swords, the decline is inevitable. In ancient times, it was necessary to set up a life and death situation. At present, the law is not recognized. Don’t look down on that. Martial arts roots in fighting with life, so it is called fighting in ancient times. It’s about using your skills to defeat enemies who are stronger than you.

Ancient China was a farming civilization, and its physical strength was not as strong as that of the northern nomads who ate beef and drank milk every day. In fighting against the northern ethnic groups, we should use discipline as well as personnel. The rest can only use advanced technology and flexible skills. Skills accumulated with life and blood.

Mr. Yang Hua jokingly said that Sanda is a competitive event created by the Chinese Wushu Association through the scientific refinement of eliminating the turnips and reserving the elite in order to connect with the modern world. ——It’s hilarious. As early as the Song Dynasty, Yue Fei, an old man, invented Yue’s Sanshou for military training. Yuejiajun’s toughness is not only the same as iron discipline and will, but also because he is a group of martial arts experts. Yue Fei himself is a master of martial arts.

Do you know what it was after Yue’s free hand? Several times of improvement in the south is the originator of many Nanquan. The combination of Taijiquan and primitive Taijiquan spread to the North has become Taijiquan. Up to now, such a big difference is just a lot of differences in the ideas of patriarchal masters.


Author: Samurai Swords Expert