What is the customer service advantages and disadvantages for your business in 2020?

What is the customer service advantages and disadvantages for your business in 2020?


We are living in a world of automation. Everything we see around us is automated. Starting from reserving tickets, restaurant booking, cab booking, cooking food, doing business, and much more.


And why not use automation technology, after all, it is due to the automation technology customers waiting time has reduced significantly, has reduced the operational costs, and have improved the quality of overall services.


In spite of having so many advantages at your disposal, there are many businesses that are still reluctant to use these automation technologies for customer services. Some have not even realized that it can be a great marketing tool, as efficient customer service will always improve a company’s reputation. For other marketing techniques, be sure to check out this site


With that being said, you can understand that there are still customer service advantages and disadvantages with the automation technologies. Some are placing their hope on the advantages of the automation technologies and adapting to it. On the other hand, there are some businesses that are not willing to accept the disadvantages of customer service automation technologies.


Let get to the details on the advantages and disadvantages of automation technologies of the customer services.


Advantages of the Automation technologies in the Customer service


Automation technology has revolutionized the way of interacting with people. Automation has improved the efficiency and areas of customer engagements.


Here are some of the advantages that will tell you about the automation technology of customer services.



  • Reduce the cost


Having automated technologies can help you in the long run. As you do not have to pay a monthly pay check to the machine as it happens in the case of having employees. Furthermore, if the employees are replaced by automated machine technologies, it also reduces your hiring costs as well.


The best part of the automated customer services is that the customer can resolve all their problem via themselves. That means, the customers do not have to stand in a queue to solve their problems.


Hence, you do not have to use the manpower to answer the same question every time. Your machine will do the job for you.



  • Smoother check out


The primary benefit that comes with automated technologies is that the customers can help them with smoother and faster checkouts. Automated payment apps and payment gateways have helped the customers to self-service themself instead of standing in the queue for the payments.


This is the reason why you will see more customers at the automated station than the traditional way of paying bills. In fact, a study has proven that since the last five-year number of people have doubled to 55% who want to avail self-service stations.



  • Boost in the revenue


With automated customer services, companies can increase their revenue. As they have fewer employees to pay. There are many business owners who are requesting to have better customer service automated technologies. Because a faster-automated technology means that it can provide its services to more customers.


You can even say that the customer service automated technologies are being used as one of the leading strategies to retain their old customers and help them to attract new customers.



  • Hep in customer retention


While we are talking about the automation technology of the customer services then we are not only talking about reduces the company’s cost or increased revenue, but we are also talking about retaining the older customers. Remember that a business is healthy when it has customers and what better method can you used than retaining them.


If your customer services are becoming smooth and efficient, that means you are progressing well with your customer retention strategy


Disadvantages of the Automation technologies bin the Customer service

Despite having so many advantages, there are still many business owners who do not want to adopt automation technologies. And here are the reasons why.



  • No emotional connection


The major drawback of the automation technologies is taht the customers are unable to create an emotional bond with the machines. We all know that the main purpose of customer service is to engage with the audiences at an emotional level. But with the machine, it seems impossible.


The machine is automated to the task only, which means that the customers do not get personal attention, hence, there remains a gap between the brand and the customer engagement. If we consider only this gap, this can be a deciding factor in retaining your audiences.



  • Difficult to use


The second problem that arises with the automation technologies is taht it is very hard for the common people to use. Yes, if you are a savvy person than you can definitely use these technologies with ease but there are people out there who still don’t know the proper use of self-service station (KIOSK).


Yes, there are KIOSKs that have audio instruction manual but still instruction and live demo are quite different in practical use.



  • Can’t solve complex problems


May this is the worst part of having automated customer services. These automated technologies are programmed to solve only certain problems, but what if a problem arises in which the machine is not programmed. This might leave a bad impression on the customers.


And the worst part is that employees cannot keep an eye on every customer who is checking out at the self-station. This also increases the chance of being theft. And due to these kinds of problems, the company who has installed automated systems are yet to achieve 100% results.



  • Cost installation


Well, you cannot consider this as a disadvantage, still, I have this on the list. The initial installation cost of automated technologies is quite high. In addition, after the installation, you also have to spend some capital to train your employees to actually use them. Hence, for a company, having a tight budget, installation of automated technologies seems impossible.


The overhead expenses do not end here, you need to spend on a regular basis to maintain the machine. So that it works perfectly.


Some have not even realized that it can be a great marketing tool, as efficient customer service will always improve a company’s reputation. For other marketing techniques, be sure to check out this site



In conclusion, using automated technologies for customer services totally depend on you. Whether you want to accept all of its advantages to expand your business growth or stick with the traditional methods you have been following.


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