3 Tips To Plan an Unforgettable Climbing Weekend

3 Tips To Plan an Unforgettable Climbing Weekend

Over 6 million Americans are said to participate in rock climbing of various styles, including mountaineering and bouldering. In the offseason, when the weather is grim and the chance of a good session is limited, indoor climbing provides a modicum of relief. But when the veil of bad weather lifts and it’s time to seek out the heights once more, nothing celebrates the return to the rocks better than an epic rock climbing weekend. Discover how to put together the perfect trip.

Share It With Fellow Enthusiasts And At Least One Pro

Whether sticking to the lower regions or seeking out high peaks decked in snow, it’s always a good idea to embark on the journey with a guide or a salted climber. This person should be someone who not only knows all the knots and holds but is also able to assist in emergencies and strange weather conditions. Reaching the summit or completing a pre-determined bouldering course is something that provides great pleasure, but it can be even better when the moment is shared with others.


Take The Best Gear You Can Afford

There are few things as exhilarating for a climber as testing out new gear on a climb, especially when the item comes highly recommended. Whether it’s state of the art safety gear, new climbing boots or simply a pair of stylish sunglasses that happen to carry a high UV rating, quality is important. High-quality gear is not only an important part of safety but also happens to play a big role in the comfort and enjoyment of the trip. Those who live in a town where local suppliers are few and far between should check online for their monthly dose of tactical and survival gear, climbing paraphernalia, and even snacks and supplies that may be needed along the way.

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Compare Backpacks And Bedding

A weekend of climbing from one outcrop to the next might require a night’s accommodation under the stars, and that means lumbering some gear around. While a sturdy backpack is integral to the success of the climb, it also needs to be lightweight enough not to be a burden. The same goes for the bedding such as sleeping bags and thermal blankets. The sleeping bag should be weather appropriate and they usually carry their thermal ratings.

After a good day of climbing, there’s nothing more satisfying than staring out over the panoramic vistas and taking in the view. The success of the climb relies on a few things such as good company, great gear, and a comfortable climb.