7 Best Climbing Holds in 2019

You know those small objects on the wall when you go for wall climbing were invented in the 1980s? Yes! Those are called climbing holds, and climbing holds have formed a whole new industry since then. Climbing holds were initially made of wood, rock or polyester resin. Now the materials used in the making are mainly polyurethane resin and fibreglass.

If you are looking for the best climbing holds, look no further, because you are in the right place. Here are a few climbing hold brands suggested by a leading review provider, that will give you a high-quality product with attractive colours, shapes, and prices too.

Let’s begin:

1. Pusher:Image result for Pusher climbing holds

Many of you will be surprised to know that Pusher started in 1984. Yes! The company didn’t make a climbing hold that time, but it did exist.

Pusher stepped into climbing holds industry in 1994, and we should be thankful to late Dave Bell for his chemistry experiments that resulted in the holds. From 1993-1994 Pusher has been a famous company for producing high quality, innovative and attractive climbing holds. Not to mention, the grip of the holds is fantastic as well.






2. Flathold:Image result for Flathold climbing holds

The company started in Switzerland and now it has grown to serve so many other parts of the world like Germany and the USA. The company has been famous since 2017. The company started back in 2008, and since that time it has been making progress. The company is always striving for new ideas and testing different technologies to make their products stand out in the market. Flathold products are being used in various gyms and theme parks, and they have proved themselves to be something extraordinary. Undoubtedly, one of the best climbing holds in the world.  


3. Teknik:Image result for Teknik climbing holds

Teknik doesn’t know any sort of introduction. It has been peoples’ favorite since forever. The material they use and the collection of the bright colors of their products make this climbing holds one of the best in the world. Teknik provides us with a good range of colors, including green, purple, orange, blue, red, yellow, pink and black. Other than these, the company offers 29 colors that are provided on request. 


4. Kilter:Image result for Kilter climbing holds

Kilter has been a famous choice, even for athletes. Even though the company was famous for so many years now, but when vlogger Eric Karlsson has used the product in his video, it has promoted the company even more. Kilter is not the old company, unlike others in the world, but it surely has made its place in the industry. Kilter has first stepped in the climbing holds industry in 2013. Kilter has been the winner of Climbing Business Journal Grips for 5 times now. Ian Powell is the brain behind all of the success and fame. His creative mind and innovative ideas all made the company stand firm in the industry, despite the tough competition. 

5. Dimension Volumes:Image result for Dimension Volumes climbing holds

By introducing more than 30 shapes in the industry, dimension volumes have set up a trademark for the industry. Other than the unique and state-of-the-art products, Dimension Volumes is famous for its effective Customer Services. The climbing holds are perfectly designed and crafted. In today’s world, where almost every industry is facing stiff competition, it is getting difficult for any company to make room for themselves, but Dimension Volumes has been an example for every company.

6. Rock Candy:Image result for Rock Candy climbing holds

Rock Candy is a company in Ohio. Despite the very strong competition, the country still manages to create a position for itself. Rock Candy’s main aim was not to produce climbing holds at first. When they saw that molding plastics into such different forms is an attractive business, they started making some of the best climbing holds in the world for about 10 years now. With time the styles, the ideas have been changed yet the main mission that is to provide the customers with the best product is still the same.

7. AIX Climbing Holds:Image result for AIX Climbing Holds climbing holds

The company has been providing the best climbing holds since 1996. AIX has been providing the climbing holds mainly in Czech and Charistina. Formerly called a.9, the company was the first in Czech to introduce the holds. After a certain time, the company started to use polyester for its products rather than using epoxy as using polyester is more efficient and effective. Polyester makes it easier for making different shapes if compared to epoxy. 

AIX is still trying to make better products with continuous improvements in its technology and material.

Last Verdict:

Every single company listed above is providing the high-end climbing holds for its customers. It is honestly difficult to say which one of them is the best. One thing that is true for every listed company here is that competition is getting serious daily. Every company should gear up and launch something new in the industry to remain their customer’s favorite.




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