Best Rock Climbing Holds

This wiki has been updated 10 times since it was first published in December of 2018. Whether you’re actually a route setter at a gym or are simply looking to build a DIY wall in your home for yourself or your kids, our list of rock climbing holds has you covered. We’ve included the best choices in all categories, from basic colorful sets that are suitable for active children, to professional-grade options complete with huge jugs and the tiniest crimps. When users buy our independently chosen

0. Powerfly Kids Playground

Metolius Greatest Chips

9. Metolius Greatest Chips

8. Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear 25 Mixed

7. Atomik Climbing Dripstone Jugs

6. Metolius Foundation Set

5. Grip a Rock 20 Kit

4. Atomik Climbing Classic Pack

3. Escape Climbing Starter Pack

2. Climbing Monkey 25 Holds

1. Metolius 60 Hold Mega Pack