How to Decide Which Type of Tent to Buy for Your Next Trip?

How to Decide Which Type of Tent to Buy for Your Next Trip?

How to Decide Which Type of Tent to Buy for Your Next Trip?

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A lot needs to be done to prepare for a camping adventure. You have to decide ‘the things’ you will need to ensure a hassle-free trip. But most importantly, you have to decide which type of tent will best suit your requirements.

If you are new to camping, you may not be familiar with the “many factors” that go into making such a decision. Keeping this in mind, and to ease your pain, here is how you can choose the best tents for camping.


When it comes to choosing a tent, the shape matters a lot.

You can choose from a frame tent, tunnel, dome or even a hybrid. Whatever you choose, make sure there is enough space for you to move around. But then again, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Each shape has its own pros and cons. Also, some are easy to set up, while others are designed to withstand everything Mother Nature throws your way.

If you still uncertain, here are a couple of tent shapes and their use cases for your consideration:

  • Ridge Tents – Easy to pitch and is perfect to sleep in.
  • Dome Tents – Stable in smaller form factors.
  • Geodesic or semi-geodesic Tents – Perfect for windy and exposed terrains.
  • Tunnel Tents – Offers greater amount of usable space.
  • Family Tents – Designed for a large group of people.


Sizes in tents refer to the number of people it can accommodate when the time comes to get some shut-eye. It may seem simple enough, but you will need space for much more than to get some sleep. For this reason, you will need to determine what size will meet your requirements.

Four-berth tents are perfect for two adults, while larger tents will do wonders for families, especially children that want their own little space to inhabit.

You need to understand bigger is not always better. If you buy an exceptionally large tent, it will be difficult to pack/unpack. Make sure you can carry the tent you wish to buy. Also, think carefully about what size you want to get in the first place.

Materials Used

Tents are made from a variety of materials ranging from cotton canvas to nylon. Some come with fabric coating while others don’t. But wait, there is more – you also need to take into account the construction of other parts of a tent. This includes poles which can be of steel, composite materials or aluminum.

A tent you may be interested in could be offered in different layouts and materials. Since the materials used affects how a tent performs, you need to know what you are getting yourself into with your next trip to make an informed decision. Also, don’t forget that some materials are expensive and heavy. You must find a balance for maximum usability at the lowest cost possible.

Doors and Windows

People forget that tents need to have vents, doors, and windows. Said vents, doors, and windows ensure your tent is well ventilated, without which you will have a tough time enjoying your retreat outdoors.

Some tents come with doors that either double-up as a canopy or act as a windbreak. These are perfect if you plan to cook on your own. If that does not work for you, invest in a good tent with durable zippers, as they are easier to deal with.

When it comes to the windows in a tent, they need to offer enough air and sunlight. Do not forget to check if the windows have nets unless you want to have a restless night dealing with mosquitoes.

In conclusion, these factors are just a few of the many that can be considered while buying the best canvas tent for camping. Make sure you check out the ones you are interested in while erected to make the best decision.